What is a Freebike?

Answer: Electric City bike with great performance

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Freebike bikes are electric city bikes that are part of Helsinki's city bike system. The city bike system is a mobility service consisting of the bicycles, the virtual stations from where you can rent and return the bikes, as well as the Freebike mobile app and https://helsinki.freebike.com website.

City bikes are shared bikes intended for trips in the Helsinki urban area. The city bike is not intended for the same use as rental bikes, but their primary purpose is to enable many people to move smoothly and quickly from one place to another during the same day.

There are a total of 1050 Freebike bikes available.

Technical specification

Freebike bike lights are always on when the bike is used. The rear light flashes every time the brake is applied.

The bike has been returned successfully when the lights has turned off.

The Freebike bikes have disc brakes on the front and rear wheels. It’s good to remember that the Freebike bikes are heavy, and they accelerate to a high speed when travelling downhill, so you need to be cautious when travelling downhill.

You can adjust the saddle of the Freebike bike to the right height for you. The cyclist's recommended minimum height is 150 cm (4,9 ft).

The Freebike bikes do not have a separate lock. Using your own lock is not allowed. You must not attach anything else, such as a child seat or a trailer, to the Freebike bikes. There is a bell on the Freebike bikes.

If you see somebody trying to use the bikes without permission, please notify the service personnel.

What do the colours of the rear light mean?

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